Welcome to my site! If you’re looking for a real Italian cooking experience, this is your place to browse!

A nice and elegant Italian dinner in Milano, in my house, tasting good and selected food at a well set table or, in summer, up in my lovely terrace? You’ll be able to taste some of the most well known Italian food products: we are going to serve you only the best, the Italian excellences like Parmigiano Reggiano delle Vacche Rosse, Carnaroli rice Riserva San Massimo, Lardo di Colonnata…..

A cooking class making Sicilian panelle and arancini and swordfish and cannoli? Come to our Ortigia house, in the heart of Siracusa, where we will be happy to welcome you after a tour at the local food market!

And what about our Farmamazing experience? 7 or 14 days in our country house between Milano and Parma where you’ll be part of an amazing project developing the Italian food system! One day it will be wine, another fresh pasta, another cheese….and  fermentation, and tomatoes…..with cooking classes, visit to local producers and art…everyday a new challenge!

Go Vegan? Here we are! A nice tour at the local open market and a tasting cooking class from starter to dessert full of real Italian food!!